Explore the coming together of traditional and decentralised finance with those at the forefront of this evolution.

For the past few years, experts watching the blockchain and digital asset industry have begun to witness a new phenomenon – a fast-growing convergence between traditional and decentralised finance.


The Era of Convergence brings together a range of educational content including documentaries, videos, blogs and magazine articles which explain more about what this Era of Convergence is, what may happen next and what this means for the future of financial markets.

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We speak to leading experts across both traditional and decentralised finance, to expose the inner dynamics and palpable turbulence that are making The Era of Convergence such a topical, global conversation.

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In November 2022 we hosted an event to celebrate the premiere of our documentary: the era of convergence.

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Hear from more than 25 industry experts who share their insights on the convergence of TradFi and DeFi.

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Traditional and
decentralised finance:
the era of convergence?

Today’s financial markets are undergoing a seismic shift in new technologies and processes.

This both poses challenges and presents opportunities. It is not just a single technological shift, as experienced in recent history with the advent of the e-finance age. Unusually in this case, a range of ‘frontier’ technologies have evolved concurrently, driving immense change and heralding a new era in global finance.

Blockchains, distributed ledger technology and digital assets (including cryptographic tokens and cryptocurrencies) are key components of a revolution that is bringing together digital technology innovation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the ‘internet of things’ (IoT) and other technology-led trends, and all are contributing to fundamental changes in the way we invest, trade, transact and otherwise do business.

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If banks are from mars, then cryptocurrency and blockchain are from venus

This has largely been the status quo for over a decade since the birth of the Bitcoin network in 2008. However, could the planets now be aligning themselves as a convergence between traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralised finance (DeFi) becomes a reality? Of course, there have been sporadic forays by banks and institutional investors into the world of crypto and blockchain before now. Tokenistic (no pun intended) as some banks’ previous announcements may have been, there have certainly been some innovators and early adopters into the space.


What will the era of convergence mean for finance?

Toby Babb, Founder of Harrington Starr, speaks to Helen Disney, Director of The Realization Group on an episode of FinTech Focus TV. Named a “blockchain guru” by Barclays, Helen’s impressive background in digital assets, cryptocurrency and blockchain – paired with now working in the traditional finance (TradFi) services arena – has positioned her perfectly in the middle of the two worlds. In this episode, Toby and Helen discuss the future of finance and contemplate the role that banks will play in a post -digitized world where technology could be the sole middleman.

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